Boost Business Performance

Competition and cost pressures mean that employees need to be the best they can be. With Genesys Performance DNA, that’s easier than ever.

Assessments and correlation analysis using all available performance data tell you, by role, what great performance looks like. And robust performance functionality not only reveals each employee’s performance gaps—it tells you how to fill them.

Improve the Employee Experience

Reduce the challenge of engaging employees, especially over the longer term.

Employees achieve their true potential with Genesys Performance DNA. Clear, customized performance goals, robust training and coaching, and ongoing performance management increase employee engagement and decrease churn.

Increase Speed to Competency

Take the pain out of bringing on and training new hires, keeping employee skills “fresh” and keeping pace with changing business priorities.

Genesys Performance DNA quickly and cost-effectively increases speed to competency for both new and existing employees, improving engagement and delivering better business outcomes.

Reduce Employee Churn

Happy, successful employees stay on, so you avoid the high cost of churn and its impact on customer experience.

Employees perform to the best of their abilities with Genesys Performance DNA. This increases motivation and engagement, which drive tenure and great customer experiences.

Improve the Customer Experience

Consumers are more knowledgeable and willing to self-serve than ever, so when they do get in touch—whenever and however they choose—their service expectations are extremely high.

While happy employees equal happy customers, it is more true that happy employees equal longer tenure.  Add appropriate training and development for the employee expertise that ultimately creates happy customers.

Genesys Performance DNA is a unique employee performance management solution. It enables you to correlate business performance with the employee skills, knowledge and attributes that deliver optimal business outcomes.

Genesys Performance DNA drives employee success and engagement, which improves the customer experience, increases revenues and reduces operational costs.

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