Call Back Customers, Cold-Call Prospects and Make Proactive Calls

Genesys Interaction Dialer

Why do I need Dialer software? Contact center systems handle incoming phone calls, emails, and other channels, but they don’t call out to customers, or potential customers. If you need to call back customers, cold-call prospects, or make proactive calls to customers you need an outbound dialing solution.

Dialer software uses calling databases and sophisticated behaviors to manage hundreds to thousands of automated calls, with expert systems listening to the connections and routing good pickups to live sales agents, or callbacks for support queues, all in real time.

Interaction Dialer in PureConnect delivers power for intelligent dialing plans of all kinds, in virtually any outbound environment-contact centers, outsourcers, collections.

Proven Powerful, Effective, Efficient–And Simple to Manage

A simple outbound dialer quickly reaches its limits. Genesys PureConnect has a predictive dialer that integrates with your customer interaction software, boosts your outbound dialing and lets you do far more than load and dial.

Effective outbound dialing campaigns are highly specialized operations. To make the most of your database you need different dialing modes, smart call analysis and strong monitoring tools.

  • Comprehensive multi-site campaign management tools coordinate your teams across sites and internationally
  • Skills-based dialing based on agent skill availability is perfect for state-based licensing
  • Inbound/outbound call blending enables an integrated, personalized experience
  • Stage-based planning using our patented predictive software elevates agent productivity and contact success rates

Use our Interaction Script Builder web-based forms designer to create, test and publish web sites or campaign scripts for use with Interaction Dialer campaigns. It’is a simple and intuitive tool built for everyone, that makes editing and maintaining scripts a simple task instead of a technical request.

Regulatory Issues v. Proven Compliance Technology

In our increasingly connected world, the phone call is still a powerful communication.

Still, disrespectful practices have led to increasing regulation on how calls can be made. The best defense against regulatory violations and fines is an effective compliance plan. With “do not call” services and tools that can assist in complying with U.S. and international sales and collections regulations, our dialer helps your business keep campaign compliance in check.

Real-time connectivity to third-party Do Not Call (DNC) services, such as (Contact Center Compliance), and in-house DNC lists, better ensures regulatory compliance

SIP, PBX and even WebRTC

Our dialer is relied on by thousands of customer organizations with all sorts of technologies and calling architectures. PureConnect has a complete SIP-based “all software” architecture to support outbound campaigns in a VoIP environment with reduced IT complexity.

We can connect to legacy voice systems or replace the switches to using your existing phones. You could even jump away from desk phone hardware headaches with the WebRTC softphone built into PureConnect--all you need is data connectivity, a laptop or desktop computer and your favorite headset!

“Before deploying we had 128 agents who managed about 37,000 calls each month. We were quickly able to reduce staff to 58 agents who handled almost triple the number of customer interactions. And they were able to process not just calls, but email and Web chats too.”