Simplify Customer Relationships for Mid-size to Large Enterprises

Connect On Any Channel – Phone, Email, Chat

CIC transforms your call center into a customer engagement powerhouse. Whether your customers want to call, email, chat or text, this all-in-one solution has you covered. Expand your self-service offerings and proactive outreach capabilities, too.  Available in the cloud or on-premise.

Simply Powerful and Fully Integrated

CIC offers broad and deep customer engagement features and functionality – all through a single application.  Everything is at your fingertips to design your customers’ omnichannel journey as they interact with your organization. Simply turn on new features or channels – no need to deploy and integrate separate third party applications.

Everything to Manage Quality in One Place

Gain efficiencies from an all-in-one solution. Real-time speech analytics and quality monitoring tools let supervisors closely monitor customer sentiment and make better decisions about everything they manage.

Flexibility and Investment Protection

Tailor systems to meet unique business requirements via customization and integration, and have the freedom to choose, and move between, various cloud and premises deployment models.


The open architecture of the Customer Interaction Center allows Capital Card Services to meet all customer requests, provides blended dialing to agents, and supplies cradle to grave call data for executives.