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Keep up with the digital expectations of your customers. Only G-NINE puts you out in front, ready to evolve as communication channels change, the Internet of Things becomes real, and a customer experience that doesn’t use Artificial Intelligence means low NPS scores. The industry’s leading omnichannel platform combines deep cerebral power, the human touch and transformative integrated capabilities. So, you create easy, effective and personal—magnificent—customer experiences that are also smart business.

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The first G-NINE innovations on deck include:

Smart App Automation: Genesys is the first and only vendor to deliver an automation platform with more than 80 pre-defined micro-applications for voice and digital self-service, delivering operational efficiencies and driving a better customer experience. 

Asynchronous Messaging: Extends contact center support capabilities for customer conversations in asynchronous messaging through Genesys Hub, with support for popular channels like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype, WeChat, and the newly introduced Business Chat from Apple iMessage. 

Next Generation Engagement: Extends the customer experience beyond traditional communication channels (e.g., voice, email, chat, social, etc.) and into the Internet of Things (IoT), determining in real-time the best course of action given the user context, resource availability, customer profile and business attributes. 

Bring-Your-Own-Bot: In a departure from the competition, Genesys enables companies to bring their own bots, like those powered by IBM Watson, to its customer experience platform. They seamlessly blend capabilities with native Genesys artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning systems to gain a deeper understanding of customer interactions across channels. 

Meet Kate: Genesys will bring customer service-specific AI to market in the form of "Kate," the personified AI ecosystem from Genesys. Kate is purely focused on delivering magnificent customer experiences, and brings her own micro apps and natural language understanding. Kate will bring together the capabilities of Blended AI, such as using IBM Watson for Big Data, to deliver even more power by bridging automation with the human touch.