VMS BioMarketing provides training and support for patients on how to use therapeutic medications and equipment from Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and biotech companies. VMS BioMarketing has both field-based and at-home educators; their customer experience center manages inquiries from educators, doctors’ offices, pharmaceutical sales representatives and patients.

VMS BioMarketing already used Genesys PureConnect, an all-in-one customer engagement suite, when Michael Rudicle joined healthcare education company as Chief Information Officer. The customer experience center used this on-premise deployment of PureConnect to manage inbound and outbound calls for 100 in-office and 800 field-based healthcare educators.

One of the first projects Rudicle undertook was to streamline VMS BioMarketing technology environment and reduce the burden on the IT team. “I wanted to shift most of our IT resources to Passport, so I was very interested in cloud solutions to offload general infrastructure management,” said Rudicle. “I also wanted a better plan for dealing with catastrophic failure or disaster.”


  • Gained time to launch new features.
  • 2× capacity of network for new customer in weeks-- instead of months.

“Because we were cloud-based, we were able to double our network capacity in just weeks—instead of months. The process went much smoother than when we had to manage it ourselves.”

Mike Rudicle, CIO, VMS BioMarketing


  • Streamline technology environment and reduce burden on IT team, while increasing focus on developing innovative services for customers.