Telekom Deutschland GmbH is one of the world’s leading integrated telecom companies. 

The competitive nature of the industry requires telcos to find new ways to connect and build relationships with customers and providing exceptional CX creates a competitive advantage in this service-oriented industry.  They turned to Genesys for help.

Telekom Deutschland created a dedicated omnichannel department to help drive continual improvements. The introduction of Genesys Digital Engagement Center has greatly simplified communications. Now, using a mobile app on their smartphone or tablet, customers can press a click-to-call button or send a chat request.

Before, the average chat duration was 12 minutes. Now, it’s down to four or less.

In addition, agents like the fact they get increased feedback, so they quickly learn how to make adjustments and guide customer interactions.

Agents are also better equipped with the tools they need to expedite contract renewals, win back accounts, and improve cross-sell and upsell rates.


  • 40% increase in customer feedback
  • 33% rise in mobile app downloads
  • 20% reduction in handling times

“The positive influence of the new technologies that we’ve developed with Genesys is obvious. We’re seeing this in the statistics, but what’s really impressive and what’s nice is that we’re also seeing—and hearing—it in customer feedback.”

Gero Niemeyer
Director of Customer Service
Telekom Deutschland GmbH


  • Unify and improve customer service
  • Give customers greater choice for how they engage