Trying to manage 350 agents, 1000 individual skill sets, and paper-based work practices was proving tough. So leading insurer SPB set about redesigning its contact center and putting customer experience first.

Kicking off with an in-depth analysis of business processes Genesys created an implementation road map, including the launch of remote contact centers in Tunisia, Switzerland, Portugal, and Belgium.

Now, with everything on one platform SPB operates with 95 percent less skill sets needed and 20%+ more productivity. And, for the first time, it can see time and management costs on a per-product basis, enabling a true line of sight to profitability.


  • Business process reengineering saw number of skill sets needed reduced from 1000 to 50, with redesign of IVR routing and email channel
  • Management of paper-based correspondence moved onto the Continuous Workforce Optimization solution, along with creation of subsidiary contact centers
  • 20%+ overall productivity improvement with managers able to focus on staff supervision and quality control rather than fire-fighting

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“Overall we’ve seen at least a 20%+ productivity improvement on work item management”

Francois de Medeiros, Production Manager, SPB Group

“When I arrived on the scene I found there was no real time oversight of workloads, volumes, or customer service. The obvious answer was to look at the problems from a business rather than an IT perspective.”

Christelle Legrix
Director of Insurance Services
SPB Group


  • Overcome contact center design limitations, which were negatively affecting customer service, while catering for increase in call traffic and demand for new channels
  • Automate handling of paper-based correspondence; the manual system was soaking up management time and also adversely affecting customer service